Wow! Wow! Wow! North or South there’s a great weekend ahead!

There are a couple of treats coming up for any Buzzer who has  two spare days that just happen to be this weekend, the 24th and 25th June. There is the classic and epic trip known as The Coast to Coast, a run that takes the rider from the east coast of England over to the west coast. It’s a long but sociable event with an overnight stop in Alston in the Pennines. This is a run that anyone with an adventurous spirit … and a reliable bike! …. should consider. For more southerly Buzzers there are the two days that take in the As it Was Buzz on the 24th June; it’s a  specialist event for cyclemotors only and is a gentle jaunt through the beautiful Vale Of Pewsey in Wiltshire. The following day we all gather for The Odiham Run, this being just a one hour drive from  the previous day’s event and, once again, is a peaceful bimble, this time along the byways of North Hampshire. This event is for all types of NACC machinery as well as low-powered vintage motorcycles. As ever there  will be event tee shirts and trophies up for grabs . There is camping and B&B available for those taking in both events. Two very different  but very pleasurable  weekends to choose from.

Photos: cyclemotors on the As It Was Buzz and Coast to Coast Run