Wirral Wobblers win at the Manchester Bike Show

The Wirral Wobblers had a successful weekend at the Manchester Bike Show recently, winning three awards for their bikes on the stand.

“Best Unrestored Classic” was won by Martin Archer for his scruffy, warts-and-all but sweet running (It goes on many Wobblers and Buzz’ards runs) Excelsior Autobyk G2.

“Best Moped” was won by John Burgess for his superbly-restored Leopard Bobby 5 (seen above), of which only four are known to survive.

“Best Moped Runner-up” went to Dave Watson for his rare and superb HEC Powercycle, which has a Levis engine.

Dave Watson’s rare and unusual HEC Powercycle.
Martin Archer is very pleased with his Excelsior Autobyk, it goes well on the road too!