Wirral Wobblers in the Press Again!

This month’s Bike magazine features the latest publicity stunt from our intrepid Wirral Wobblers’ Section! Anything to get in the news!

The chaps at ‘Bike’ magazine kindly printed Ted Bemand’s helmet-cam shot of two of his fellow Wobblers getting into a spot of trouble on their moped during the Wobblers’ tour of Northern Ireland last year. Ted’s suggested alternative title was: “the winner of the over 80s’ mixed doubles vertical take-off competition.” He has a cruel streak! He adds:-

“The Wirral Wobblers are at it again! As well as having a ten bike formation riding team, ‘The Red Sparrows’, they are now auditioning for stunt riders for the next Bond movie, involving 007 and a suitable ‘peach’ pillion passenger ascending a vertical wall … a.k.a. parkour (free running) on a moped!”

Ted does add: “No Pensioners or mopeds were injured in the wheelie incident … well, okay, there was a broken wing mirror!”