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The information on the website, including within the NACC forum which is linked to the site, is in the main contributed by NACC members who may submit articles, information about events etc for publication. All submissions from NACC members should ideally be sent by email to :

or alternatively by post to the club’s Webmaster (see ‘Contacts’).

The website is not designed to be an online facsimile of Buzzing, the club’s magazine. Articles appearing in Buzzing will not automatically also appear on the website and vice-versa. The obvious advantage of the website is that it does enable features like the Events Calendar, Recent Runs or Section News to be speedily updated and the information rapidly disseminated, as well as provide an accessible club archive.

The use of ‘state of the art wizzo technology’ has been avoided as far as is possible in the construction of the website in order that you, the viewer, can access different parts of the site with the minimum of hassle and Dave our new Webmaster is able maintain it without the benefit of a Computer Science Degree!

The ‘flavour’ of the website is overwhelmingly light hearted and this has proved to be popular. However, because of this it is possible that a NACC member may take exception to something that appears on the site. If this does occur please contact :

or an officer of the club as soon as possible to enable the offending article to be removed from the website.

Finally, if you have any suggestions for improvements to the website or any comments to make about it please contact the Webmaster.

For further information about the website please email: