Video Clips

Some video clips courtesy of Nick Devonport:

  1. The field passing by at the 2019 run organised by the Netherlands group Rijwiel Hulpmotor Club at Stramproy, where a number of NACC members made the journey to participate.
  2. The September 2019 Headcorn aerodrome weekend, riders arriving at the finish.
  3. January 2020, Nick’s Birthday Run, held just before the Coronavirus pandemic wiped out every event for the year.
Stramproy 2019
Headcorn 2019



Here are a few interesting video clips from around the world.

The Video on the CUCCIOLO is excellent, ‘Rural Roger’ seems a nice enough chap and the last clip is fairly self-explanatory.

Your views are sought, however, on what the South American? Mayhem is about as they are not in English.

* The club is greatly indebted to Miguel from Faro, Portugal who dropped me a line to put us straight on the ‘South American’ videos. He tells me that they actually are videos of one of the inumerous moped gatherings that have been taking place in Portugal, in this case a meeting in Moncarapacho, Faro, Algarve, Portugal. (Moncarapacho is a small village near Faro, in the South of Portugal)

I have written to thank him and suggest that it is time Frank B set up another epic run to visit them, They have doubtless got plenty of wheels and ice- cream. I am also assured that it doesn’t rain all the time. *

The videos make take a few moments to load – so you might have to be patient.
Title: Coast 2 Coast 2009
Description: Many thanks to John Murphy who took part in the C2C-2009 at the weekend as part of the Teesside Yesteryear Motor Club team and made the video of his exploits.
Source: Youtube
Title: Jet Cyclemotor
Description: Robert Maddox testing his super twin pulsejet powered bike at 70 MPH
Source: Youtube
Title: Ducati / Siata CUCCIOLO
Description: Short presentation about the Ducati Cucciolo with some interesting clips.
Source: Youtube
Title: 1º encontro de ciclomotores moncarapacho
Description: Part 1 of a run at Moncarapacho, Faro, Algarve, Portugal
Source: Youtube
Title: 1º encontro de ciclomotores de moncarapacho 2
Description: Part 2 of a run at Moncarapacho, Faro, Algarve, Portugal
Source: Youtube
Title: Rural Roads With Roger
Description: Roger on a test run of the Neodymics electric bike (featured below)
Source: Youtube
Title: Neodymics
Description: Presentation of the Neodymics electric clip-on.
Source: Youtube