Vicky needs Knight on Shining Moped!

This plea came too late for inclusion in August’s Buzzing – and it sounds like Vicky desperately needs a Knight on a Shining Moped to come to her rescue …

I spotted a Vicky 117 in a House Clearance Unit in poor condition minus engine but may contain some useful bits to a marque collector. The unit is in Caerphilly. I have 2 phone  numbers as the guys are not there at all times: 07487 741640 or 07863  205640, or e-mail There is a Facebook page too – Also, there was a Lambretta  which looked in very good shape but so hemmed in by furniture could not get too close and it not being ‘my bag’ as they say, didn’t push it. I will try to get a stay of execution as I think these guys only see it as scrap to be weighed in but some of our guys will see it as treasure.


P.S. Be nice if you could let us know at :

if you are the rescuer!