Wirral Wobblers

Wirral Wobblers contacts – Eric on 0151 355 9818, Pete Nolan on 0151 632 4050 (mob. 07747 724964) or Ted on 0151 648 5598 / email: dynazone@gmail.com. We meet the last Saturday of the month, 12 noon to 12.30pm at the Wheatsheaf Inn, Raby Mere Road, CH63 4JH (tel. 0151 336 3416). It has fine parking, excellent meals and forms a good starting point for our local runs. Look forward to seeing you there!

Photos of the 2019 Wobblers Welsh Mountain Challenge

Cheshire Cheese Run 2015
Cheshire Cheese Chasers 2015

First stop was the 50p shop in Hoofield where we were looking forward to a bacon butty. Unfortunately the café owner had been taken ill and did not have a contact number for us, ah well!. Keith Watkinson’s Mobylette suffered a hiccup but was brought back into action with the help of son Roger. A few of the group decided to go into Tarporley to get some eats there, the rest wanted to carry on to the next stop, the Ice Cream Farm which has been extensively enlarged and was very busy. There were a couple of breakdowns, (just because there was no double chocolate chip left!) but other flavours hit the spot. Then on to the picturesque water mill at Stretton when the bacon butty chasers arrived back from Tarporley. At the mill Keith’s Mobylette gave up the ghost and it was decided to trailer it back to base. With the rain clouds moving in we all headed back to Huntingdon, but Howard Bentham’s Di Blasi (below) had a hissy fit and became company for Keith’s bike.

Howard’s hissy Di Blasi!!

Back at the Rake and Pikel most decided to head for home before the rain started , On my way back I spotted John Hughes at the side of the road with Martin Archer and Allan Griffiths in attendance. I stopped and offered a lift to John and his bike but he declined, asking again if he was sure he motioned me onwards. Unbeknown to me the others were telling him to take up the offer, as he turned the bike around I was already pulling away. It was pushing and pedalling for John, when a bloke says no to me twice that’s enough for me. At least I got the washing in before the rain started!

Gaynor Peers– Wobblers Breakdown Service.