Vale of Glamorgan

Welcome to the Vale of Glamorgan section

The section was formed in October 2004 and we meet every fourth Monday on the alternate weeks to the South Wales Section of the VMCC, who meet fortnightly. That means that now and again we have two meetings in a month. Sounds a bit confusing, but most of our members are also members of the VMCC so it’s a question of fitting in around their fortnightly meetings.

Our meeting night is a Monday and we meet at 8pm in The Farmers Arms pub which is in the small village of Aberthin, about one mile north of Cowbridge in the centre of the Vale of Glamorgan. Currently we normally get around 10 members and interested people to our meetings, in fact you don’t need to be a member to come along – if you’re interested in our type of machine then you will be most welcome to come and join us for a chat.

As to our ‘type of machine’, as the name of the club implies, any Autocycle or Cyclemotor plus any Moped or small capacity machine – basically anything that is ‘gutless’. All are welcome and we do have some weird and wonderful machines turning out for our runs. Veteran motorcycles are also welcome to join us.

Contact Barry Cooksley on 01446 711103 for information on our meetings and runs.