The Thames Valley Group are pleased to announce the opening of ‘SEAVIEW’ a retreat for cyclemotorists set deep in the Wiltshire countryside. It’s a place where after a long ride cyclemotorists can moor up and allow the nether regions to settle down and loose the tingle .
Here at Seaview a glass of cider represents one of your daily portions of fruit [ national health guidelines suggest 5 portions a day ] and hence a healthy glow abounds .

An impatient queue gathers at the main entrance oblivious to the sign in the window .
This is a picture from the SEAVIEW brochure taken in the reception and shows a very rare sight indeed These are are the Thames Valley 4 and are believed to be the worlds only surviving cyclemotoring quadruplets and what a healthy bunch they look too.
From left to right are: Colin King, Lorraine and Derek Carter, and Bernard Marlow