North Hertfordshire Non Conformists Section

Our NHNC section meetings are held at 7.30pm on the third Tuesday of each month at the Rising Sun Public House, 21 Halls Green, Weston, Hertfordshire, SG4 7DR. Our Section contacts are Chris Sawyer on 01438 723142 or 07950903794, or email and Graham Jeffreys on 01438 726840 or email

Another full monthly meeting (12 attending, 11 humans and Stanley the dog), none riding. This would be regarded as good for a warm sunny summers evening. Outstanding for February! With such a full attendance, space at our usual table was at a premium and conversational subjects were many and varied from one end to the other.

David Osbourne brought along another mystery object and we all tried to guess what it was for. As David claimed to have made it himself, it was to a high standard although as some parts were adapted I for one was fooled by superfluous appendages (not for the first time). If you really have nothing better to do, see the picture. The answer is at the bottom of the page.

We had two highly recommended museum locations provided by David, these both being in St Albans, the (musical) Organ Museum in Camp Road and the Restored signal box at or by City Station.

I have advised Natalie at the pub of the date for the Nasty Run (Sunday April 28th). She has promised to ask the farmer if we can have the farmyard across the road as last year. Provision of lunch will likely be weather dependent, i.e if it is fine we can sit in the garden and lunch will be available. The pub’s garden marquee may be up by then. Alternatively any spare seats inside may be available on a pot lock basis.

Gordon Hallett has a pair of new wheels for sale, ordered in error. These are 19×2 ¼ 36 hole with ‘knurled’ flanges reportedly suitable for Velosolex. I will pass any enquiries on.

You can read Chris Sawyer’s full report on the 2018 Vincent Run below;