NACC Sections

Around the country there are 22 NACC local sections (plus one non-territorial), and at least another two emerging from fertile ground looking to burst forth! ‘Sections’ are groups of members who all live in earshot of each other’s machines  and have a desire to get together and organise NACC events around their part of the country. Usually involving a pub.

If you are interested in forming a section, contact us at:

We are inviting sections to have a ‘Section News’ page on the website to publicise their activities, meeting places etc. Eventually, we will have them all (notice we say ‘eventually’) but below are the first few shown by weblinks in blue. Some even have their own websites.

Section organisers please send in your submissions / changes to:

When we have a few more sections linked on the website, we aim to set up a map of the country with all the sections marked on it. This will allow new members to find us, and old members to find someone to annoy whilst on their holidays!

NACC Club Sections:-

Dorset Section

East Yorkshire Section

Kent, Sussex & SE London Section

Leicestershire Enthusiasts

Northern Ireland Section

North Herts Section

North Lincolnshire

North Wilts Section

Nottingham & Derbyshire

Shropshire Buzz’ards

Somerset & Avon

South Hants Section

South Staffordshire

South West Lincolnshire

Thames Valley Section

TWITTS (Tyne & Wear including Tees and Tweed)

October at TWITTS

Vale of Glamorgan

VeloSolex Section (non-territorial)

Warwickshire WACCers

Wirral Wobblers

Worcestershire & Gloucestershire

Yorkshire Section