Club Calendar


Updated 1st February 2021.

With Britain under national lockdown when this is written and no more than two people allowed to meet outdoors, it looks unlikely that we will be able to hold official runs and events, at least in the early part of 2021. Once many of the UK population have been vaccinated things may look different, but for the time being nothing has changed since 2020. The shows listed below are planned to take place but we await confirmation nearer the time from Mortons. If NACC sections and organisers want to hold runs when circumstances allow, please send Bob Jeffcoat your dates & venues. Permits may be issued once government advice deems it safe to hold events. We’ll update you with any new information as soon as it is available. In the mean time, Stay Home, Stay Safe!

The following dates are provisional.


February 6-7 Bristol Classic Bike Show NACC Stand at Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet BA4 6QN. This event has been postponed until July 24-25.

April 24-25 Classic Bike Show, Stafford Showground, Stafford ST18 0BD, contact Nick Devonport on 07833 623630 to show a bike. This event is postponed until July 3-4.

July 24-25 Bristol Classic Bike Show NACC stand, Bath & West Showground, Shepton Mallet BA4 6QN, contact Rod Western on 07778 704097 to show a bike.

Oct 9-10 Classic Mechanics Show, Stafford Showground, Stafford ST18 0BD, contact Nick Devonport on 07833 623630 to show a bike.

Contact details for Bob Jeffcoat, the NACC Events Secretary, and info on applying for Event Permits and Signing-on Sheets, appear at the bottom of this page.

If You Want to Organise an Event (hopefully in 2021 …)

If you want to organise a Club-permit event and wish information to appear in Buzzing magazine in time, the Events Secretary must be informed in writing at least 2 calendar months before the event.

Organisers should obtain a permit (downloadable from the link at the bottom of this page) which should be sent to the Events Secretary for him to issue signing on sheets so that the Club’s public liability insurance covers the event. Events organised at short notice (minimum 28 days), apply by e-mail to the Events Secretary Bob Jeffcoat at or in writing to 72 Glenthorne Drive, Cheslyn Hay, Walsall, WS6 7DD, to ensure issue of a permit.

We will post short-notice events in the Club Calendar above, but there’s no guarantee short-notice events can be publicised in Buzzing magazine due to printing schedules, but we will do our best.

  • Signing-on sheets must be returned by organisers within 14 days of holding the event, this is a requirement of our Public Liability Insurance cover.
  • The rule for riding on NACC events is, NO membership card – NO ride, unless day membership is purchased. You would then be covered by the NACC PLI insurance.
  • Those who cannot produce a valid card have to pay the day membership fee.
  • All participants must personally sign the official sign-on sheet issued by the Events Secretary.
  • NACC events require the organiser to obtain a permit for public liability insurance purposes.

The NACC does not allow “joint events” with other clubs. Joint events are those advertised on websites or in publications as being run by other clubs which have the same date, venue, organiser, contact details etc. as an event for which an NACC event permit has been issued. Members of other clubs are welcome at NACC events subject to payment of day membership.

If you need an Event Permit application form you can download a copy here- AA Event permit application form revised 11.2018