Catch us in Old Bike Mart

‘Don’t miss out!’ says Ted Bemand. August’s edition of Old Bike Mart will feature more of the Wirral Wobblers’ serialised exploits from their Northern Ireland Challenge  earlier this year. Parts 1 and 2 have already appeared in June and July’s issues. It’s conclusion time in August!

If you don’t subscribe to OBM, fear not. Ted’s articles will also appear in Buzzing, starting with August’s edition – and, of course,  John Maconaghie of the Northern Ireland Section got the ball rolling with the host’s perspective which appeared in June’s Buzzing.

While we’re at it, a BIG THANKS to OBM for our club feature back in the May edition (see above) . It generated quite a bit of interest … with a few new converts to the slow lane world of under-powered, low capacity, two (and three!) wheeled wonders!