In the light of the current situation with coronavirus and HM Government’s advice to the public to avoid all non-necessary travel and social gatherings, the Directors of NACC Ltd. and the NACC Committee have taken the very regrettable and difficult decision to advise all NACC Sections that, with immediate effect, all section meetings and runs are cancelled until further notice. This advice coincides with that of the Federation of British Historic Vehicles Clubs at: and confirms that the course of action we are taking today is the correct one.

This means that all NACC events, whether they be static, shows or runs, will have to be cancelled from today onward. All permits for future events will be void as of now, and no further permits will be issued until we are clear that the risks involved with social gatherings have been minimised.

Any updates to this situation will be posted here, and April’s issue of Buzzing will carry the same message as above.

One of the benefits of having financial reserves in our club is our ability to cope with unforeseen events. It has often been difficult to explain convincingly to our members the reasons for holding such reserves. The Directors and Committee of the NACC have decided that we must now use these reserves to benefit our members, so a decision has been taken to extend all current memberships by 4 months free of charge, with immediate effect, in order to assist our members at this difficult time. This will be done centrally so members will not need to do anything. Your next renewal date will be put back by 4 months and following this will then revert back to the normal 12 month period the following year.