About Us

With around 1,600 members and growing, the National Autocycle and Cyclemotor Club Ltd. (NACC) is the largest club in the UK for enthusiasts of cyclemotors, autocycles, mopeds and small capacity motorcycles. The club has members all over the British Isles, with some 20 active local sections, plus we have many members overseas throughout the world. Membership is open to anyone interested in these and other similar small-engined machines. Last year, 2021, we celebrated our fortieth anniversary since foundation in 1981. To view the special 40th Anniversary booklet sent out to all members, please click on this link:   Buzzing 40th Anniversary Booklet v5

The club’s magazine “Buzzing” is published by the NACC six times a year. The 48 page full colour magazine includes a free advertising section for members. Features include reports and photographs of events, useful articles on machines from vintage classics to modern offerings, technical tales from many a shed, advertisements for spare parts and suppliers etc.

The NACC has an extensive library of owners manuals, spare parts lists, workshop manuals and many other items relating to cyclemotors, autocycles and mopeds. The club’s librarian can supply members with copies of any of these documents.

Within the UK, the NACC is recognised by the DVLA for verifying V765 applications to retain registration marks and can date machines for applications for ‘age-related’ registrations. We have a dedicated Machines Registrar to help guide members through the process.

A wide range of transfers are available from the NACC ‘s Transfer Secretary. Absolutely essential if you are restoring a machine and extremely hard to come by items these days.

Several NACC members act as “Marque Enthusiasts” and help other members with any problems or enquiries about specific makes of machine. The Marque Enthusiasts will also do their best to help non-members of the club where possible – see Club Services for contact details.

Road runs, local meetings and other events are usually organised throughout the  year by the NACC, mainly arranged by its Local Sections. Unfortunately 2020 was a complete wipe-out due to the Covid-19 viral pandemic and it looks like the first part of 2021 will be the same. Keep an eye on our Events Calendar in case things change dramatically in our favour. Local Sections would meet regularly (usually in a Public House!) to plan such escapades and exchange information / parts / tall tales / insults / jokes etc.

The NACC is a member of the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs which monitors any impending British or European legislation which could have an adverse effect on the use of our machines.

The views expressed in articles and letters contained in Buzzing magazine or on this website are not necessarily those of any officers or members of the National Autocycle & Cyclemotor Club Ltd. Any information, including advice and suggested modifications contained in Buzzing or on this website has not been tested, checked or approved by the National Autocycle & Cyclemotor Club Ltd.  Before acting on any such information you should obtain appropriate technical advice and if necessary have the work carried out by a professional motorcycle engineer. The individuals listed as marque specialists do so in good faith on a voluntary basis and the Club cannot accept liability for the consequences of any information provided by them. Save as required by Law, the Club cannot accept liability for any loss or damage resulting from the use of any information contained within Buzzing or any other publication and website run by the Club. “NACC” and “The Buzzing Club” are the UK registered Trade Marks of the National Autocycle & Cyclemotor Club Ltd. under Nos. 2539025 and 2544773 . All rights reserved © 2019. All content copyright of respective contributors. Articles, photos etc. published in Buzzing may also be posted on this NACC website and recorded in the NACC archive. No reproduction of any kind without written permission of the NACC Ltd.