Invitation to the Stramproy Cyclemotor Rally 10-11 September 2022

We hereby invite you to the 18th edition of the unparalleled Cyclemotor Event Stramproy. This year the theme is “side-mounted engines”, e.g. Bantamoto, Victoria FM38L, VAP4 etc.. Riders who come with a cyclemotor mounted at the side of the rear wheel will receive a free extra ticket in the raffle on Saturday. The main prize is again a bicycle with cyclemotor.

This year we are allowed to use our own campsite again and we also facilitate breakfast for the camping guests. If you want to stay the night at the campsite of the meeting or participate in the barbecue or breakfast, please make a reservation at least one week in advance.

The Saturday ride is primarily intended for bicycles with a separate cyclemotor from the fifties or earlier, or original mopeds where a cyclemotor engine is used as a built-in engine. To maintain the character of the Saturday ride, participation with a moped is therefore not allowed. If for certain reasons you are unable to ride a bicycle with a cyclemotor, please request dispensation from the organization well in advance to participate with a moped.
The Saturday stage is completely marked out and can therefore be run at your own pace. Before the rides there is the opportunity to sell a car boot. So take your excess stuff with you. Maybe you can make someone happy with it.

The Sunday ride is basically a ride like any other RHC ride. It is ridden in groups and is open to bicycles with a cyclemotor and mopeds up to the year of construction 1965, yet we also prefer to see as many real auxiliary engines as possible.

For the program and other information about the meeting, we refer to the website:
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