Rijwiel Hulpmotor Club Stramproy weekend, Holland

The British contingent making the long journey to Stramproy numbered six this year and were rewarded by fantastic weather, two great rides (45km on Saturday, 60km on Sunday) through the back-lanes and cycle-tracks of Belgium and Holland. A full report will be published in December’s Buzzing, but until then here are a few photos to give you a flavour of this marvellous annual event.

The grand departure of around 90 riders from Naud Anderkerk’s farmhouse.
The kind of rural scenery we rode through both days.
The moto-jumble offered many complete cyclemotor kits for sale, Berini M13, Mosquito, Mini-Motor, Victoria….
A pair of Wing Wheels, not to be confused with the BSA Winged Wheel.
Two more unusual cyclemotors, a Rex and a……..?
Several tandems took part, this is Victoria-powered, another had a central JLO engine.

If you’d like to see some handlebar footage – courtesy of Nick Devonport – of part of our ride, go to: Stramproy 2019 007.MP4