Wirral Wobblers in the Press Again!

This month’s Bike magazine features the latest publicity stunt from our intrepid Wirral Wobblers’ Section! Anything to get in the news!

The chaps at ‘Bike’ magazine kindly printed Ted Bemand’s helmet-cam shot of two of his fellow Wobblers getting into a spot of trouble on their moped during the Wobblers’ tour of Northern Ireland last year. Ted’s suggested alternative title was: “the winner of the over 80s’ mixed doubles vertical take-off competition.” He has a cruel streak! He adds:-

“The Wirral Wobblers are at it again! As well as having a ten bike formation riding team, ‘The Red Sparrows’, they are now auditioning for stunt riders for the next Bond movie, involving 007 and a suitable ‘peach’ pillion passenger ascending a vertical wall … a.k.a. parkour (free running) on a moped!”

Ted does add: “No Pensioners or mopeds were injured in the wheelie incident … well, okay, there was a broken wing mirror!”

Fruitcake Frolics in Staffordshire!

The South Staffordshire Section have announced the date for their traditional first run of the season: The Staffordshire Fruitcake Frolic!

Liz Butler will be busy with the Great Moped Bake Off for the 10am gathering (10.30am start) at the Bradford Arms, Ivetsey Bank on the A5 near Wheaton Aston on Sunday 5th March. It was a chilly one last year, so let’s hope this year we have milder spring weather.

The route will weave around the picturesque lanes on the Staffordshire / Shropshire border with a stop for riders to refuel at Patshull Park Pool – fruitcake provided. Machines will undoubtedly see a reduction in speed on the return to The Bradford Arms.

Contact Liz or Bob Terry on 01902 842198 or rterry526@btinternet.com for more info.

Catch us next weekend at the Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show

The Somerset & Avon Section are polishing their machines for the club stand at next weekend’s Bristol Classic Motorcycle Show at the Bath and West Showground at Shepton Mallet, Somerset.

Last year they battled through the roof-rattling Storm Imogen to put two dozen ‘buzzing’ machines on display … and came away with a rosette for Terry and Rose Donovan’s 1958 Heinkel Perle (above). There was also a great deal of technical interest in Phillipa Wheeler’s much-travelled 1952 Lohmann 18cc compression-ignition cyclemotor.

Why not pop along to see what they’ve got on show this year, and have a natter with Rod and the NACC crew.

Thames Valley Dates for the ‘As It Was Buzz’ & Odiham Run Weekend

Cyclemotors only on the ‘As It Was Buzz’

Dates are in from Colin King over at the Thames Valley Group for the section’s two big runs over the fourth weekend in June this year.

June 24th 2017 for the 8th ‘AS IT WAS BUZZ’. This is the Cyclemotor Only Run. There’s a 10.30am start from the Royal Oak pub, Pewsey, Wiltshire, SN9 5ES .

June 25th 2017 19th ‘ODIHAM RUN’. For this one, all small engined and wheezing oldies welcome! Again a 10.30am start, this time from The Four Horseshoes pub, Long Sutton, Hampshire, RG29 1TA.

Contact Colin for more info – e-mail: eieio@hotmail.co.uk.

Kent, Sussex & SE London Section – Nick’s Birthday Bash!

Photo: Andrew’s Running Repairs to the Mobylette on Nick’s Birthday Run 2016

Have a good, warm run to all those heading out to Section Leader Nick Devonport’s Birthday Run which starts and finishes at Dover Transport Museum tomorrow.

As for Nick’s thoughts on this momentous occasion: “At the age of sixty, I have recently retired from what I laughingly call my career with Border Force and have handed back my handcuffs, much to Isabelle’s relief.  It will be strange getting used to not getting up at silly o’clock for early shifts, not having to work nights and buying my own stationery but  I hope to get to a few more runs in future and to see new areas of the country in the company of like-minded enthusiasts.”

Summer Camp 2017

Details for the section’s Summer Camp in July are yet to be finalised. We normally stay at the Kingsdown site which is beautifully situated and gives access to some great country lanes but I was hoping to show the faithful a different area this year.  The Isle of Thanet, despite a reputation for kiss-me-quick hats and other less pleasant attributes, is pulling itself up by the bootstraps and there are some interesting places to visit.  It is, however, impossible to get there from Kingsdown without encountering some pretty scary main roads and the local camp sites are a bit commercial and expensive.  Watch this space!

Headcorn 2017

The Headcorn Aerodrome Rally will be 23-24 September 2017.

More details for both runs will be added to the club Events Calendar in Buzzing and on the website

Event Permits for 2017 – Technical Delay!

For all of you applying for Event Permits for this year’s runs, there will be a slight delay getting them out to you due to a mishap with our Events Secretary, Liz Butler’s computer. Liz reckons it will need more than a rebore and new set of valves!

If you need to request a Permit, there is a .pdf version of the form to request an Event Permit on the club website. It can be found on at the bottom of the website’s Calendar page … but to save you looking, here’s the link: Event Permit Request Form

You can download it, print it, fill in the details of the run and post it to Liz at Rose Cottage, 5 Sandy Lane, Codsall, Wolverhampton, WV8 1EJ.

As soon as Liz is kitted out with a functioning computer, Event Permits will be issued. In the meantime, thanks to everyone for their patience.

Looking Forward to 2017

Twelfth Night has come and gone, and Santa – caught on camera on the cover of our December issue! – has pootled and pedalled his way back to the North Pole leaving us to think about this year’s runs.

As is traditional, the Old Year ended with our South Hampshire Section’s ‘Twixmas Run’, and the New Year looks forward to Nick Devonport’s Birthday Run on January 22nd, starting at 10am from the Dover Transport Museum. It’s his 60th this year so those candles on the cake should be burning as bright as a beacon to guide you and your machine to the venue!

A note to all the Sections up and down the country to get dates for your planned runs and rallies to our website and magazine Editor so they can appear on the Club calendar – both on-line and in ‘Buzzing’. Appropriately, the Shropshire Buzzards have proved themselves the early birds in getting dates to us, with the Devon Autocyclists and The Thames Valley Group hot on their heels. It’s looking like 2017 will be a good one … Happy New Year Buzzers!!