Mid-week Runs Reintroduced in South Staffordshire

NACC Buzzing Club Kriedler Bradford Arms South StaffsFor those of you in the Black Country or South Staffs area, you will be pleased to hear that the South Staffs Section’s mid-week runs are to be reintroduced!

If that moped, autocycle or cyclemotor is languishing in the shed and looks like it could do with a run, here’s an opportunity mid-week. For good company and the smell of two-stroke oil, get over to the South Staff’s regular meeting place, the Bradford Arms at Ivetsey Bank on the A5, on Wednesday 19th July. There’s a nice big car park. It’s a 10am meet-up for a 10.30am start. A 35 mile run is planned, with a lunch stop. There might even be an icecream!

Further details from Ian Harris on 01952 460254.

Photo – Kreidler Florett awaiting company at the Bradford Arms