Northern Ireland Section


Hi and welcome to the Northern Ireland Section of the NACC

We are a small but ever-expanding section of the club that holds an average of one run per month from April to September – see club calendar for dates.

We have members from various corners of Northern Ireland and spread the runs out to try and cover most members’ areas. Apart from the runs which generally take place on a Sunday (which cover around 25 miles and end up with a meal and some chat about the day’s exploits) we attend some of the motorcycle shows throughout the year. We put some of our machines on show to advertise our club section to fellow enthusiasts and owners of autocycles and cyclemotors who don’t yet know we exist.

Some members also attend a few charity runs throughout the year; also odd vintage runs like the Friday night before the North West 200 for example.

We are an easy going group of guys and girls and would welcome all new members and any new ideas they might bring. At present there are usually around 12 bikes attending most runs, ranging from mostly the ’50s and ’60s, for example NSU Quicklys, Normans, Excelsiors, New Hudsons, James’s, Motobecanes, Raleighs etc – so there is always a good assortment of machines turning out.

Anyone wishing more information can contact:-

John Maconaghie at
Trevor Kirk at